Brazil : Important Notice about Customs Duty

Due to frequent issues at customs and many cases of packages being returned to our store with high return shipping costs, we have several important considerations for our customers in Brazil.

  1. Customs Duty: Brazilian customs almost certainly will charge you customs duty and ICMS. The duty rate is very high, at 60%, which means you might need to pay an amount equal to what you paid for your purchase at our store to the Brazilian customs.
  2. Taxpayer Identification Number (CPF): It is necessary for us to include your CPF on your package. Please provide it in the order notes or include it in your address when you make a purchase. Without this, we cannot proceed with shipping your order.
  3. Payment of Customs Duties: Once your package arrives at customs, you will need to pay the customs duties yourself through websites such as CORREIOS.
  4. Unpaid Customs Duties: If customs duties are not paid, your package will be either discarded or returned, and please note that return shipping costs around $100. Therefore, there will be no refunds if the package is returned.
  5. Confirmation of Agreement: We will confirm by email before shipping whether you have agreed to these terms. If we do not receive a response within 3 days, we will cancel your order.
Feb 12, 2024

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