Custom Duty Policy

Buyer's Responsibility:
Custom duties are entirely the buyer's responsibility in our store. By purchasing, you agree to this policy.

Customs Charges:
You may face handling fees and customs duties. These vary by country, and we cannot predict or control these costs. Check with your local customs office for charges before ordering.

Declaration Policy:
We must declare all items at their full price and cannot mark them as gifts or under-value them, as this is considered tax evasion under Japanese law.

Country-Specific Customs Duties:
USA: No charges for items under $800 per day.
EU: Charges likely; our prices don't include VAT.
Australia: GST charged on all items since July 2018.
Other countries: Custom charges depend on the country.

Disputes Over Customs Charges: If you disagree with the charges, consult your country's customs. We can't assist in tax calculations unless our invoice was incorrect.

Requests for Under-Valuation:
Asking us to under-value goods is illegal. Such requests lead to order cancellation and account suspension.

Returns and Custom Duty Refunds:
We don't refund custom duties for returned items. You may seek a duty refund from your country's customs. We only refund the item price and shipping cost.

This policy is designed to clarify the responsibilities regarding custom duties when purchasing from our store.

Nov 16, 2023

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