UK : There is a minimum purchase amount requirement : $180

Effective from January 1, 2021, retailers are required to collect VAT from customers on orders under £135 and remit it to the UK government. To comply, we must register as a UK VAT vendor. Unfortunately, this is a challenging process for us.

Consequently, we will only ship orders to UK customers if they exceed $180 USD.(The precise threshold is £135, but as we transact in USD, we've set a slightly higher limit to account for exchange rate fluctuations. Please note, shipping costs are excluded; only the item price counts towards this total.)

If you wish to place additional orders later and combine them to surpass the $180 threshold, please indicate this in the order notes in your shopping cart.Additionally, for orders over $180 that we ship, VAT may still apply. This means we will not collect VAT in advance; instead, you will be responsible for paying any customs duty and VAT upon receiving your package.

Dec 11, 2023

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